July 25, 2014
Pretty Nice!

  Last year a friend confessed me to me that he sometimes liked to crossdress. He told me that it was fun and a turn on doing that.  I was sort of dubious and couldn’t imagine him as a girl. So he transformed himslf to show me, and I was truly amazed. He really looked like an honest to goodness female, and very good looking. I told him so, saying that I actually found him to be extremely attarctive. We sort of joked about that, and we did a few very small kisses on the lips. He said that he was’t gay, and neither am I, but we both found this to be pretty neat to enjoy as friends.

It was about a week after that when I was over at his place, and I asked if he was going to transform. So he did, and again I found him to be very attractive and quite appealing, and I told him so. We did some more kissing, with both of us starting to feel much more comfortable about doing this together. Enough, that we soon ended up naked together in his bedroom making love. It was the most wonderful experience for us to share in this way. Since that time, we have been having s steady relationshipand with absolutely no regrets.

July 16, 2014
Thanks Sis

My sister got me into crosdressing. One day about year ago she said that she wanted to make me up like a girl. So I went along witht. She combed my hair and put makeup on me and painted my nailes, both hands ad toe, and then had me pun some of er clothes. I was surprised that I made a passale girl. She thought this was quite amusing. We did that a few more times, just at hom. Then she suggested that I dress up and we go out togethr, so we did. Well, no one even looke twice at us, and I had the biggest thrill being a girl. Since thenshe has seen me undressed as a boy-girl and has found this to be very exciting. Now the two of us have never been coser nd it’s great!

May 13, 2014
Fun Friends

Last summer, myself and two friends decided tosee what it would be like to crosdress as girls. None of us really had muchi the way of fminine clothing, so we improvised the best we could.We put on jeans and sandals and girly type tops, som makeup and paited our toe and fingernails. Then we went out tosee what kind of reaction we got. Nobody looked at us weird or anything, but took us to be three girls. It was a blast! After that we started our secret crossdressing club, and we regularly sarted crosssddressing and getting more girl clothes and things from a local thrift shop. Our parents have no idea of coure, so we ave to be very creful, but that’s part of them fun. One day my mom caught e with tenail polish on, and I just said that I wanted to try it to see what it was like, and she was okay withthat. Happy surprise!

May 10, 2014
Why Not?

My friend wold jst die if he ever knew that I had writte anythingabout him or the two of us. About a year ago I discovered hat a guy friend I knew as into crossdressing. Ias amazed by howe good he was at this. He really looked like a girl, but it was such a turn on to see him looking like a girl, but having a penis. Well, he’s not really gay, nd I’m not ether, but the two of us started having some very gay sexual moments together as friends, and this has gone on now for this entire lasr eyar, and we both love it!

April 1, 2014

I am single and in my early twenties, and live alone. I was sort of curious about what it would be like to crossrss, so bought some makeup and nail polish andsome girl’s clothes at a thrft store. Well, I tred it around my plae, and practicedgetting everything down so I looked pretty good. It was a kind of teasing turn on to see myself as a girl. Finally, I got brave and ventured out dressed that way. It ws so exciting and gave me such an unbelievable erection! I could see people just thinking that I wasa girl, and it was so amusing because they had no idea that I had this enormously stiff penis under it all. Needless to say, I had to masturbate when I got home, and it was so great rubbing my hard penis to a climax while in my girl mode. After that, beause it was such a fantastic turn on, Ihave started to go out regularly, and I always enjoy coming home and masturbating the hardest erection that I have evr had, to the most intense ejaculation that I have eer expereinced! Something about mysecret he-she persna never fails to thrill me in way tha I would have never imagined a year ago!

March 13, 2014
Me, too

I ust read a stor from Dec, aout the boy who found that he liked crossdressing. My story is about the same. M parets were divorc and it was jst my mom and me. Durin the summer shewas atwork, and of course I was feeling bored. One day, just for fun, I tried some of her makeup. I put on some eye shadow and liptick, and combedmy hair ina girlsh sort of style the best I could. I was surprised to have this rather cute girl looking back at me in the mirror! Well, it was kind of a thrill doing that, so I started getting into i around the house while my mother was at work. I panted my fingers a few times, but of course I always had to take the paint off before my mom got back. I found that I could get by with painting my toenails and that Ididn’t have to worry about my mom seeing that.

  Well, I got adventurous and one day I decided to go out dressed like that. I just put on jeans, nd wore flip-flops, with my toenails painted, put on some makeup, and a girly sort of top. I hd a blast wanderng around all day being a girl! Like Dec, Dan became Dani, and I had a whole new identity that I realy enjoyed having! Soon, I was doing this regularly, and having hebest time. A few boys my own age - whome I didn’t know - even talked to me, thinking that I was a girl. Although I’m no gay, I thought that was pretty neat and I liked it.

That was a few years ago, and my mother never found out, of course. Nor did anyone else. Now I have my own place, and I freely enjoy being Dan and Dani. I often go to a super market wher they don’t know me as a guy, and  go as ani and always am thrilled to be sen as a very successful girl.

March 12, 2014
Why Not?

I knw that most of these stories about guys dressing as girls, but I thought I would throw mine in about a girl wh gets by as a guy. I’m quite feminine, only that I’m completely flat chested, have short hair, and can pass as a boy.  I have often put on a pair of cut-offs and have sunbthed topless on te deck. I also go without a top on aroud the house all the time, even infront of my father and brother.My mom says, why not? I still feel sexy showing off my nipples. Mom, whose breasts are quite full, feels too self-conscious of course to go around the house without her top on. So I guess that there are some benefits to being fla chested!

March 9, 2014
Mom, too

  I read a couple of stories on here about boys who have moms that encouraged them to crossdress. For my mom painted my toenails one day, which I thought was pretty cool. I’m slender and blond ad fair skinned. She remarked on how I would probably make a passible girl. So,  she heped me with some makeup and adding some touches, and I really did make a good looking girl. I found the transformation not only interesting, but I liked having the chance to see ort of what it ws like to be a girl. I tried crossdressing around our house for a while, and started t become quite comfrtable with it, and my mom thought it was nice. For laughs, she got me some girlish clothing and sandals, and we wnt out together that way - mom and daughter, and it was a blast! So now, about half the time, I get to be her daughter Dani, and the rest of th time her son, Danny. I like having the dual identity.

February 8, 2014

For fun I tried crossdressing, and I found that it was such an unbelievable turn on! I would just paint my finger nails and toenails at first and be that way in my apartment, and that never failed to arouse me. I becme more adventurous and tried putting on make up, eye shadow and lip stick, and it was extremely exciting. Then, I finally got around to trying some female clothing, which I purchased at a used clothing store, and even got some sandals. I really enjoyed the fun and pleasure as well as the excitement of making myself look female - although I have no desire not to be a guy. It is just something which is very interesting and, like I said, exciting. I grew my hair out some, and I have ventured outdoors on a number of occasions and did not receive any secoond glances.

Now, I spend a good deal of time crossdressing in my apartment and on occasion going out. A lot of fun!

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