October 7, 2014
Its Working Out

   I am in my eary twenties, and discovered over the last couple of years the thrill of cossdressing. I found that make I make a quite convincing girl. Of course nobody knows about my secret hobby and I am very discrete about my indulgance of being both Brad and Brenda. Several months ago I happened to meet a nice young guy, my age, in a book shop. Well, the two of us got to talking, just casually. Over the next few weeks we ran into each other at this book shop and we talked. I’m not gay, so I was not really thinking about his being attracted to me in that way. One day he asked me if  wanted to go and have a coffee. I said sure, so we did that, going to place close by. We sat and talked some more. Like I said, he was a nice guy, sort of quiet and intelligent, and the two of us did have a lot in common, both liking books. I was pleased that he of course thought tha I was this attractive girl, but hat was as far as my interest went. Over the next couple of weeks we got together for coffee again, and he sort of nervously asked if I wanted to maybe go out sometime. Like I said, I’m not gay, so I put him off, saying how I would think about it. After that, I avoided going back to the book store because I wated to avoid him and getting into that hassle. Well, I ran into him again a few days after that on the street (just my luck). We started to trll through bthe park. He was nice and friendly, and asked again if we could go out sometime. I really felt bad and didn’t want to lead him on, so I broke down and broke the truth to him in the most delicae way possible. Well he was surprised and then sort of disbelieving, and then he said how hestill found me very attractive. My response as: even though I’m actually a guy?  He admitted that he wasn’t sure hw he felt about that,and he aked me some questions aout why I liked to dress as a girl, and I was honest and told him that it was just something that I really enjoyed doing, that I found it pleasing and fun, and that I wasn’t gay.

   Well, he was quite interested in this. He admitted that he wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about it, but that he actually thought that it was pretty neat. He said that we could still go out and just be freinds. I was ok with that. So we went out a few times to luch and dinner and to th movies. I found it fun being abe to be open and honest about myself, and to enjoy indulging my feminine side.  The two of us actually started to hae a nice relationshi. Then, one night, we actually kissed. We were both curious and it turned out quite nice. We wnt out a couple of more times,and I wen over to his place. Again, I guess we were both curious, and now feeling quite comfortable with each other, and we started making out. Well, nedless to say, the two of us were quite responsive, and we reached the moment where we were trying to decide just how far this should go. Feeling uninhibited, we were out of or clothes, and there we were - two guys with an erection. To ou surprise that was extremely excitin as well as enticing in a way that we had never experienced before. W spent the next two hours in his bedroom having sex and it was wonderful!

   After that experience, the two of us began having a real relationship, and I’m happy to report that it has been working just fine! 

August 29, 2014
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August 27, 2014
No complaints

I started seeing this really cute girl at the local library, slender, sandy hair and very pretty. One day the two of us go to talking and we left the library together. Still talking, we stopped and sat in the small park across from the library. I could she could tell that I was interested, and then se told me that she had confession to make. She told me that she was actually a twent-two year old boy. I was skeptical, but I could see that he was being perfectly serious. Although I tried not to let it show, clearly I was surprised.

Anyway, a few days later we saw each otheratthe library again. He said hi, and I said hi, and we both smiled. Well, we let the library again at the same time and we walked a little ways, just talking. He told me that he wan’t gay, but sai that he thought I was pretty nice, espcall in how I had esponded to what he had told me the other day. I said that I wasn’t gay either, but I admitted that I thought he was pretty nice too, and quite attractive. Well, he appreciated that , and ased if I wanted to come ovr t his place for some coffee. I said sure, so we walked the couple of blocks to where he lived in a small cottage.He fixed us some coffee and we sat there enjoying each other’s company and talked. After a while I told him that I cstill could not believe that he was actually a guy so being good natured about it, he said that he would show me. He was wearing a skirt, so he siply plled his underwear of and just lik had said, there was his penis! I laughed, seeng that he very much was a guy, ad I told him that I stillfound him to be very attrative even knowing that. He said that he didn’t mind hearing that really, and he gave me asmall kiss on the lips. I didn’ find anything awkward abou it, and I kissed him back. Wit that haing turned out nice, we did several more rather romantic kisses, and then  left.

Over the next several weeks we saw each other at the library again, and he asked if I wanted to go to his place and have a glass of wine. I said that sounded good. So we went to his place and he poured us each a glass of wine and we sat on the soaf together. Without making a big deal ot of it, we kissed again, doing so in this friendly, romantic way. He told me that he wasn’t too sure about being like that with another guy, and I told him the same thing, but we agreed that it was sort of differnt with each other. Well, having decided that much, we started to  playfully make out. It was quite nice and we both enjoyed doing that together, and it ws obvious that we were both getting quite tunred on. Sort of hesitently he asked if I wanted to go ino the bedroom. I said that it would be okay with me, so we did. We both got undressed. Here was this appealingly slender although flat chested girl with an erection. It was a kind of an unexpected but exciting sight. Needless to say, I had an erectin, too. We got on the bed and continued to nakedly make out and we masturbated one another to a very satisfiying ejeaculation.Having managed to go that far and enjoy the exprience, we go together again and spent more time being nakedly loving and sexual. After two weeks, I had intercourse with him and loved every minute of it, as he did.

Now we’ve been dating for almost a year now and we have no desire to stop. We have stopped worrying about if this meant that we were gay or not, and decided that we were just very good friends and lovers.

August 27, 2014
A new me

 am twenty-four andKorean. I am rather small and slender. his was something which, living in America, I found was not necessarily to my advantage as a guy. Although, I have managed to turn in to my advantage. Although I am nt gay, I found myself secretly toying with the idea of what it would be like to dress as a girl just fo the fun of it. So I tried it and dcovered that I made quite an attractive female. At first it was just fun oing around my apartment that way in private and Iliked what a turn on itwas and enjoyed maturbating while being a girl. Then, becoming more adventurous, I started to cautious go out dressed that way, and was suprised that no one even looked at me twice, but saw me as being female. Very uickly I began to think of myself as having this really delightful feminine side that  pleasureto enjoy. Although I still do not think of myself as being gay, I have enjoy seeing the admiring glances hat I get from guys and have considered that maybe being homosexually friednly at some point with another male might be a welcome experience. Only time will tell.

August 27, 2014
Little ol’ me

 When I was younger I guess that I was something of a tomboy. I liked being a girl,but I wore jeans and t-shirts and I had shortish hair. Like lots of girls my age, I wasn’t into real cute feminine dresses and things. Ihad a friend who was blonde and really cute and more into girl things. The two of us were like, as our mothers said, bookends. We even joked about that ourselves. I did sort of admire Suzy for being more feminine, and she admired me for being more boyish. One day we were at he house in her room, and we happened to see ourselves together in this full length mirror. We laughed, because we thought that we practically looked like a boy and a girl. Just bing sill, I took the roll of the boy, and she took the roll of a girl, and we started being affectionate. We kissed a little bit, and found that to be fun. I startred to fondle her breasts, which she had no objections to my doing. Geeting more carried away, I opened her shirt and pulled down the cups of her bra and started playing with her bare tities. Then I kissed nd sucked on her nipples. Not to be left out, she started pulling my shirt open and began doing the same to me. In a few more minutes we were undressed and naked and have this realy wonderful girl sex. Normally neitherof us would have been doing something like this with another girl, but with each other it was perfectly ok and so goo to be doing as friends. For years after tha w remained friends and lovers and enjoyed every moment of it!

July 25, 2014
Pretty Nice!

  Last year a friend confessed me to me that he sometimes liked to crossdress. He told me that it was fun and a turn on doing that.  I was sort of dubious and couldn’t imagine him as a girl. So he transformed himslf to show me, and I was truly amazed. He really looked like an honest to goodness female, and very good looking. I told him so, saying that I actually found him to be extremely attarctive. We sort of joked about that, and we did a few very small kisses on the lips. He said that he was’t gay, and neither am I, but we both found this to be pretty neat to enjoy as friends.

It was about a week after that when I was over at his place, and I asked if he was going to transform. So he did, and again I found him to be very attractive and quite appealing, and I told him so. We did some more kissing, with both of us starting to feel much more comfortable about doing this together. Enough, that we soon ended up naked together in his bedroom making love. It was the most wonderful experience for us to share in this way. Since that time, we have been having s steady relationshipand with absolutely no regrets.

July 16, 2014
Thanks Sis

My sister got me into crosdressing. One day about year ago she said that she wanted to make me up like a girl. So I went along witht. She combed my hair and put makeup on me and painted my nailes, both hands ad toe, and then had me pun some of er clothes. I was surprised that I made a passale girl. She thought this was quite amusing. We did that a few more times, just at hom. Then she suggested that I dress up and we go out togethr, so we did. Well, no one even looke twice at us, and I had the biggest thrill being a girl. Since thenshe has seen me undressed as a boy-girl and has found this to be very exciting. Now the two of us have never been coser nd it’s great!

May 13, 2014
Fun Friends

Last summer, myself and two friends decided tosee what it would be like to crosdress as girls. None of us really had muchi the way of fminine clothing, so we improvised the best we could.We put on jeans and sandals and girly type tops, som makeup and paited our toe and fingernails. Then we went out tosee what kind of reaction we got. Nobody looked at us weird or anything, but took us to be three girls. It was a blast! After that we started our secret crossdressing club, and we regularly sarted crosssddressing and getting more girl clothes and things from a local thrift shop. Our parents have no idea of coure, so we ave to be very creful, but that’s part of them fun. One day my mom caught e with tenail polish on, and I just said that I wanted to try it to see what it was like, and she was okay withthat. Happy surprise!

May 10, 2014
Why Not?

My friend wold jst die if he ever knew that I had writte anythingabout him or the two of us. About a year ago I discovered hat a guy friend I knew as into crossdressing. Ias amazed by howe good he was at this. He really looked like a girl, but it was such a turn on to see him looking like a girl, but having a penis. Well, he’s not really gay, nd I’m not ether, but the two of us started having some very gay sexual moments together as friends, and this has gone on now for this entire lasr eyar, and we both love it!

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